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Enthusiasts who want to tidy up their clock and torque lists

must contact Carlo Berghmans 0499/239982 before March 20.

As for chipping the pigeons 2021

we are already asking you to prepare your pairing lists

so that in the course of March we can prepare the list for old pigeons in the coupling program and your clock.

If our room is allowed to open in time, we will make appointments in the room, otherwise it will be done individually after an appointment by telephone,

more information will follow via a message.

Test your electronic system in advance so that you do not take off with defective equipment on the first flight.

Make sure your vaccination lists are in order on your first (training) flight.

Important Bringing !!!!!!!!

List of ring numbers in order

per year and from low to high

or last pairing list

with indication of which ring numbers must be chipped

Electronic system

Empty Chip Rings

Make sure you are in good time. The playing season is faster there than you think


Info override title deeds

KBDB is formal:

all racing pigeons must be registered in the name of the fancier

“It is forbidden to participate in races or other KBDB activities with pigeons that are not registered at the KBDB in the name of the participating fancier.

This is stated in the (amended) Article 112 of the National Sports Regulations.

It is therefore no longer sufficient to only have the title deed.

The KBDB will punish violations by removing the pigeon from the classification and forfeiting the prize won.

For the preparation of the correct results, it is absolutely essential for the WPROL that the ring numbers are linked to the loft when the pigeon is basketted. On the module lost pigeons on the KBDB website, the fancier can easily check whether the pigeon can be raced correctly by him.

To clarify: possession of the title deed is therefore not sufficient,

the pigeon must actually be in the name of the fancier.

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