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Championships 2017

Molse Fondclub

Long Distance & Marathon

The board and members

Wish all champions and classified


Super champion Molse Fondclub

Comb. Faes - Wils

General champion

Grand Distance & Marathon

Binnemans vd Weyer

General champion

Short Distance

Renders Ivo

Marthon Supercup

Lievens Marc

Rectification dated 21/10/2017:
The final score of the international supercup in the appendix is ​​incorrectly stated: It is the case that first the number of prizes won counted, then the number of points and then the coefficient. Based on this, the final score is the following

1. Lievens Marc
2. Loft Binnemans-VDWeyer
3. Janssen Frank
4. Lievens Gregory
5. Huysmans Jan
6. Timmermans Ludo
7. Luycks ​​Raf & Lars
8. Vanarwegen Luc
9. Vandoninck Michiel
10. Mertens Walter
11. Van Gompel Jan & Jens
12. Berghmans CNJ

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All Championships

All-Round Ace Pigeons

The three first classified

received a nice trophy.

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