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All preliminary Championships 2020

Final standings Championship 2020 Momignies & Soissons De Oostgrens

Final standings Championship 2020 Momignies & Soissons Mol

Final standings Championship Middle Distance Old & Yearling 2020 Mol & Kempische Middle Distance

Final standings Championship Middle Distance Old & Yearling 2020 United

Final standings Championship Middle Distance Youngsters & General + United

Final standings Championships Long Distance Molse Long Distance club

Final standings Championships East Antwerp


General champion Soissons 2018-19-20



Members Molse Fondclub classified

in the National Championships

and we celebrate one

1st National Champion



1st National Champion Rhône Valley Old

15th Ace pigeon Rhônevallei Old BE-18-6045108


10th General National Champion

5th National Champion Extreme Long Distance Yearlings

17th National Champion Long Distance Yearlings

9th National Ace pigeon Gr. Long Distance & Long Distance Yearlings



2nd National Champion

Small Middle Distance Young Pigeons

3rd National Ace pigeon Short Middle Distance Youngsters 6234733/2020

Princes Mario

5th National Champion Extreme Long Distance Old

Kempeneers Valere & Dina

23rd National Ace pigeon

Longer Middle Distance Youngsters DV-20-8976043

Mertens - Lemmens



Dear members of the vzw quick flyer / molse long distance club

While we are sending this letter around, for most of us, the specialists of the Tour of Belgium are going to give up another 3 weeks, the 2020 season is over. We can safely say that 2020 will be a year to remember, both on a sporting and organizational level. The corona animal has been playing the leading role in our society all year long and it has therefore also helped determine the course of the pigeon season in all clubs. The KBDB had to take decisions and measures to ensure that everything runs safely or we should perhaps not have played in 2020.

As a board we, together with the loyal helpers, have worked hard from the beginning to be able to basket all flights in safe conditions. We have also had to make difficult, financial and practical decisions that have not always been loved by our members.

But after this season it has once again become clear that if we all work together and all support our club together, despite the negative gossip,

the Vlugge flyer of the Mol long distance club will continue to fly !!!

On a sporting level we had a super -fantastic - phenomenal pigeon season this year, the trend of the previous year was confirmed

2 NATIONAL, 4 ZONALE AND 10 PROVINCIAL WINNINGS and many top rankings were achieved by our members, it is often said that the Molse Fondclub is one of the strongest clubs in Belgium… we have to start believing it. But in addition to the long distance fanciers in our club, we certainly do not want to forget the speed and middle distance fanciers because here too the fanciers and champions deserve a big and sincere congratulations for their achievements, the results of the provincial and national championships are not yet known but I suspect that our members will also achieve some nice rankings here.

Anyone who had hoped that when the pigeon season would be over the annoying Coronavirus would also leave and never return again will be disappointed here. The daily numbers, charts and quarantine risks prove that we still have to be careful not to get infected. As a board we had to make a difficult decision in connection with the champion days. As the situation is now, it seems irresponsible to us to let our Night of the Mol long distance club and champion day of the sprint continue on the well-known traditional days. We have therefore decided to have the honors of all champions of the sprint middle distance and long distance take place next year on a date yet to be determined, because champions deserve to be honored !!!!

What we are now organizing is an online ticket sale with Toppigeons with final sale on the internet +/- at the end of November. You can pass on your donation by phone or email before November 1, you can also always ask for a voucher from friends / champions in Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. because all support for your own club will always be necessary, especially now that we have no income from the champion days, tombola etc .. We count on your spontaneous cooperation !!

Because there are 2 champion days and 2 coupon sales in the other years, we have, after consultation with our members John and Gary Squib, decided to organize a young pigeon sale in England via the Planet Brothers website.

More information about this will follow, but we are already counting on your support.

In this way, the board would like to thank the helpers who were always present at the basketing of the (too) many flights, during the cleaning of the baskets and all other tasks for their efforts and we hope that additional reinforcements will be added.

Finally, we would like to wish everyone good health, have fun with the pigeons, a good breeding and hopefully see or hear you in our room from November on Sunday morning from 10am to 12pm. Collecting the loft lists, ordering the rings and bringing in the donated vouchers can be done on these Sundays.

We will always keep you informed by text message, email or website,

(thanks webmaster !!) but if you have any questions, suggestions or problems do not hesitate to contact our chairman Jan Van Gompel 0495/204515.

It is better to get the right information than to know about hearsay !!!

The board was there for you and will remain there for you, but remember without extra efforts from all members it will be more difficult to stay afloat every year.

The future will show how long the Vlugge Vlieger will still fly in his Molse Long Distance club.

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